Local Government

Indiana’s constitutional statutory framework requires mutual appreciation and understanding of the duties of the county elected officials. The County Commissioners play a large part insuring all parties work together for the benefit of the county’s citizens. This requires the Commissioners have a working relationship with the County Council and other local governments.

Historically, the County doesn’t have the best working relationship with the City of New Albany. We must improve the relationship with the City. For one, I pledge to attend the New Albany City Council meetings in order to foster trust and understanding of their needs. I will build upon that trust and take an active role to promote the City. New Albany is the economic engine of Floyd County and should be treated as such. At the same time the rest of the county shouldn’t be ignored. I will work with all of the local communities to insure their needs and wants are addressed.

Communications between the Commissioners and County Council must be improved. These two governmental bodies must work together in order to have a functional government. You must have an environment that fosters trust and respect, working as one team, and always putting the needs of our citizens first. As Commissioner, I will work directly with the Council to foster this trust and respect.