An open mind, willingness to try new ideas and explore all options in selecting the best ones to serve our community


I am running for Commissioner to make a difference. I have an open mind, willingness to try new ideas and explore all options in selecting the best ones to serve our community. New ideas are necessary to move the county forward. A fresh prospective is a good thing, and I assure you I will actively work with the community seeking out advice and actually listening to all those who have serious input.

My 16 years’ experience as a successful business owner prepares me to lead. In running my own business, I’ve learned to live within our means by spending money wisely, efficiently and prudently. Setting budgets and meeting realistic goals is essential. As Commissioner, I will bring these attributes to the job.

Billy Stewart

Eight years ago, I served on Georgetown’s Town Council and served as its President for four years. I learned a lot by insuring our citizen’s needs were met, working with other local government officials, setting budgets and helping in the overall management of the town. For our contributions, I earned a “Distinguished Hoosier” award from the governor’s office. More importantly, we were able to make a difference in the lives of our citizens. As Commissioner I will use what I learned and build upon it.

As Commissioner, you are required to work with the other local governments in order to foster an environment beneficial to the community as a whole. As such, I have a proven record in doing so.
When elected to office then, I was told not to expect assistance from the County or anyone else, as it was impossible to work with other government entities. I ignored that poor advice and sought out assistance and cooperation with the County and other local governments. In doing so, Georgetown was able to solve its issues and moved forward. Cooperation is possible when there is trust and respect.

Integrity, honesty, dedication and compassionate are words I describe how I live my life and run my company. I will bring these attributes as Commissioner.